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I may itch but I’m not a racist. Right?

Listen up fools, you wannabes, and nut scrapers, I am no racist. I am a misanthrope. Would a racist use these Steam Handles:

  1. God Is White, DIE NIGGERS
  2. 13 YEAR OLD NIGGER Admin
  3. Pizzas Don’t Scream
  4. Victory Oven
  5. Jew Oven
  6. Sieg Heil
  7. Adolf Hitler
  8. White Power
  9. ins agent

Of course not. Real racist hide the fact that they’re racist with handles like “I love my African American neighbor” and “Vote Obama 2012.” Anyone with half a brain knows this. I don’t hate other races, I just love White people so much! Look at the line I added to a wikipedia article on White Pride:

White pride is a slogan used to raise awareness of white racial identity, and to express solidarity. (See also: Black Pride)

See, I just want to revel in my whiteness. Super white. Super cool. Itchy though. So itchy.

– Craig Brittain (Satirical)


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