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It itches down there…

I knew I should have wiped the toilet seat at the theater last week, but I had to go so bad. Now my butt itches and I think it’s kind of flakey… do I have an STD? I am not sure.

It’s probably Barrack Obama’s fault either way. Because of his failed economic policies I had to do pay for gay porn, it hurt, but in a bad/good way. Either way, it itches down there.

Weird growths are the worse, they’re not like some Jewish person you can just toss in an oven. You have to see a doctor, I am against doctors though because of ObamaCare. I will not have the government tell me what sort of rash I can have on my anus. Give me liberty or given me fever blisters!

– Craig Brittain (Satirical)


P.S. Fuck this guy!


One response to “It itches down there…

  1. Myk

    er… That should be “gay for pay”, not “pay for gay” – although I don’t know you that well, so either may be applicable. I blame Obama for the ambiguity.

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