Picture via email is fair use, email text however is copyrighted.

The Mafia funded Big Porn conspiracy keeps trying to take me down. First they claim I can’t use people’s pictures without consent. Hey buddy, I go news for you. The girl sent her pictures via email, public communications, that’s all the consent you need to publish them. I thought these guys were lawyers right? Schmucks.

Then they go and make these blogs with my copyrighted material, mainly, my email exchanges with them. Like, what sort of lawyers are these? Emails are copyright. I mean any idiot off the streets of Colorado Springs can tell you that. Emails are copyrighted, attachments aren’t. That’s how I clean all my pirated music, I just email it to myself. The email is copyrighted but the attachment isn’t, so I remove the copyright restrictions on all my mp3s!┬áJust trust me anyone who is original enough to take the domain isanyoneup.com and change it to isanybodydown.com and use the exact same business model, is a genius of copyright and legal shielding. Hell my sites have 16 layers of defense!

On a side note, does anyone know a home remedy for itchy butt crack?

-Craig Brittain (Satirical)